4 comments on “A Dance with Dragons by GRRM

  1. I love my Kindle for this exact reason. When I was in Oregon I ended up reading five books, but I only had to carry one e-reader with me the whole time. I like that I can be reading two to three books at one time and switching between them means a few clicks instead of having three books in my bag at any given time. The thing I miss though is being able to flip through book pages.

    • Yeah, I love the way books feel and smell. There’s little more satisfying than cracking open a brand new hardcover and turning that first page. I also like using bookmarks (although I tend to lose them).

      But the portability and ease of an e-Reader is not to be scoffed at. Sigh.

      I actually went and weighed the book. It weighs 3 pounds. :X

      • 3 pounds! By the time you’re done with it, I expect you to be buff. Are you still planning on taking it to SDCC? Because then you really will get buff from holding it up while waiting in line.

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