6 comments on “Pale Demon by Kim Harrison **SPOILERS**

  1. Perfect timing. I just finished this book, and I liked it better than the one before (except the trip into Jenks’s stump in the last book was freaking awesome!). But I also thought the goodbye with Ivy was weird.

    There was like one sentence where Rachel says something about Trent using the soul-eating demon to save her, like, “He’s a man who keeps his word…even though he might let a bunch of innocent people die to do it…oh well.” And that seemed to be it. The Rachel from the earlier books would NOT have been so blase about it.

    Also, way too many “Trent is hot” moments. I felt that was a sign Rachel’s attraction to him was forced.

    But the pacing was excellent, as always, and I loved the restaurant in the ever-after. And the baby. And I’m desperate to know what happens in the next book, when I think Al will learn Rachel’s alive after all.

    I like your blog, dear!

    • I thought the cross country trip dragged slightly. And what was up with all the Milk Duds? And yeah, way too much of the ogling of Trent.

      The baby will be very interesting, and I don’t know if Al will find out immediately that Rachel is alive. Maybe Harrison also wants to return to a slightly more mundane time of Rachel, Ivy, and Jenks.

      • Good point about the cross country trip.

        And the Milk Duds were VERY weird. I kept waiting for her to find a tracker spell in them or something. The first time she mentioned them I was like, “Okay, pay attention to the milk duds.” Then nothing happened.

        I’d actually miss Al if he were left out of a book.

        • Ok, I do like Al, and it’s obvious he does love Rachel in his weird demony way, but the rest of the demon stuff can go away for a bit. More Glenn and his secret ketchup addiction!

          • And wasn’t Glenn seeing Ivy for awhile?

            I think part of my problem is I usually re-read the previous novel before the new one comes out, but I don’t have time to do that anymore. So then I forget stuff, & I’m confused.

            • He was, but it was mentioned for like 5 minutes, I feel. Like a sort of “he’s still alive!” sort of thing. Notice he’s not even mentioned at all in this book.

              I also need to reread the books. And I might need a wider screen display, ’cause our comments are getting all smooshed.

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