4 comments on “Comic-Con Book Haul

  1. I lurve the Marineman subtitle: “A matter of life and depth.” Also, absolutely totally completely jealous of your Hark! a Vagrant book. I’m coming down to visit you just so I can read it. You’ll forgive me if I ignore you.

    • I will carry the Beaton book with me at all times and put it under my pillow when I sleep so you can’t get at it.

      Although you are still welcome to come down and visit me. But no book!

  2. You can check out the Emitown stuff here:http://www.emitown.blogspot.com/

    That’s where she started her journal comic and still draws new ones although not as frequently, or she’s not posting all of them.

    I read all her archives when i stumbled on it sometime last year.

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