4 comments on “Ooku by Fumi Yoshinaga

  1. The look alike characters are definitely the biggest problem in the series. I get confused all the time, especially with the gap between the release of each volume and the internal time skipping. This is definitely a series where it helps to go back and reread some parts. But it’s beautiful and very well written.

  2. What a freaking cool premise! This is manga that I think I could get interested in, although I’m worried about how well I’d adapt to seeing a story unfold. I’ve read a couple of graphic stories, and I often get confused because I depend on reading the dialogue too much, and I forget to look at the pictures, and then I get lost.

    And if the characters look similar, I’m screwed.

    • Ooo, yeah, you really have to pay attention to the drawings. Even I was getting messed up during my rereading, because someone would be talking, and I’d think it was this guy, but actually it was the shogun in her man costume, and I was getting completely confused.

      You can still look at the pretty though.

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