5 comments on “2011 Movies So Far

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  2. Dude. I think I just saw Easy A and that was it. Oh, and HP 7.2. I’m a loser.

    You listed some movies I definitely will be putting on Netflix! Including Rise of the Planet of the Apes, which I also thought looked stupid. But then again, I can like the dumbest movies.

    • You’re not a loser, you’re what’s called a “mother” and therefore free time is a fantasy. Although… now that Z’s in preschool, you COULD possibly see a movie while she’s in school…

      So which movies piqued your interest?

  3. Well, Jane Eyre of course. And Bridesmaids and X-Men. Possibly Our Idiot Brother, but I looked at it on Netflix and wasn’t immediately grabbed. Although the category “independent” often scares me away. Too many bad experiences.

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