4 comments on “The Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard

  1. Eee! Yeah, no thanks. But – thanks for the review! I bet the book is brilliant. I mean, it’s kept you reading even though it’s horrifying and depressing. But it’s definitely not my cup o’ zombies.

  2. I stopped reading this because it became the same thing over and over again. They find something that seems safe and then it isn’t and let’s travel and then they meet people and it’s safe and then it isn’t, etc. I know that originally it was supposed to be limited series, but with it’s popularity and the show’s success that it was made into an ongoing series and so he has to keep coming up with new stories, which are kind of limited in the kind of world he’s created.

    • I completely agree. It’s time for them all to get eaten or find some nice non-greedy humans and live as peacefully as they can or maybe get killed as they become the bad humans. It’s like, ok, you can stop shocking us with how horrible humans are now.

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