5 comments on “The Muppets

  1. We are also not watching the Golden Globes this year due to their BS nominations. Oh well. It’s not like awards mean anything anyway.

    Go Muppets!

  2. I think how you feel about the Muppets is how I feel about Animaniacs. I never really watched the Muppets, at least that I remember, but Animaniacs was awesome because it had slapstick, as well as more sophisticated jokes & asides.

    I am NOT saying Animaniacs is better, because they’re completely different beasts. Just that they both hit a wide audience, and that’s always fun.

    • That is probably a great example, because yes there is slapstick + over-the-head innuendo for the young’uns. By the time I saw Animaniacs though, I was old enough to get all the innuendo so I don’t have quite the same nostalgia for it (although I still love it, especially Yakko’s Nations of the World and Wakko’s America).

      • I was in high school but still didn’t get all the innuendo…sheltered in the world of politics & pop culture. I’ve also forgotten so much about it (will have to hunt down the episodes/skits you mentioned).

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