7 comments on “Best Manga of 2011

  1. Yes! I called it! But I’m glad it’s on here–I nearly was about to choose A Bride’s Story!

    Yep, this looks like a good list. 20th Century Boys is just wonderful every time I read it; I’ve also been purchasing volumes of the Bunny Drop anime after I fell in love with the anime; Genkaku Picasso is an underrated pick that is also a like; as you can see I can go on and on because you have a lot of my favorite mangas on the list!

    • Thanks for reading! You’re my first non-real life friend commenter on here. 🙂

      These are just my favorites! I have a lot of “likes” and “pretty decents” that aren’t even on here. And even some “loves” but that didn’t quite make this list (One Piece, for example). With every manga that finishes, I think I discover 8 more. It’s horrible. In a good way. Mostly.

  2. I can’t wait to get ahold of more Drops of God and all of the 2012 upcoming ones you mentioned, aside from GTO. Need to pick up Bride’s Story, or steal it from you. And 20th Century Boys- that one is way too long for me to start collecting now. :/

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