4 comments on “Fanime 2012: What I Watched

  1. Seriously, regisitration sucked. That was my first time. Is it always so bad? I heard the line on Thursday was six hours because of the power issues. By the end of the day Friday, that line was probably four hours. I ended up just skipping it because it would waste the day anyway, so I waited for two hours on Saturday and barely made it in time to see a panel. The sad part was see the at-con registration line so long. How can you get through that and still have time to see anything? Poor souls…

    Scheduling the day before is ridiculous. They have to know way ahead of time to print things out, so why keep us in the dark? I was surprised at those points since they seem to be major signs of disorganization, but they must be experienced after running this con for so long.

    Wow, pee everywhere? I’m glad I didn’t stay in a hotel and run into one of those.

    • It has never ever been this bad, and I’ve been going for a decade. Usually my friends just walk up and pick up our badges. Maybe last year it was like a 20 min. wait at most; I think there may have been a teeny line. NOTHING like the snake-like lines leading outside the building and down the street this year. On-site registration though has always been pretty bad, especially since they don’t allow single badge reg online for some unknown reason.

      At least they gave us a pocket schedule this year. Last year they were all, “everyone is mobile! Let’s just do online schedules!” and everyone is NOT mobile (like me) and there’s no wifi at the center anyway, so I don’t know what they were thinking.

      I think part of the problem is that since this is a strictly fan-run con and heavily run by volunteers, a lot of people are new each year and many probably just want the free badge. I know in the forums, there were a ton of complaints about lack of communication between the workers and attendees getting conflicting information because nobody knew what was going on. This was an especially poorly run year for some reason. I’m not sure exactly what happened.

      • Thanks for the insight. I learned a lot after my first trip, and I read about the online schedule last year. That would have been extra hard.

        I tried to look up stuff afterwards on the forums, but they were updating the site. It’s already gearing up for 2013 now.

        Good point about the volunteers. Maybe people are probably just working a few hours are barely have any idea what is going on, haha. Now that you mention it, I recall hearing that the main person in charge was new this year, but he had run a few other cons before.

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