12 comments on “ALA Annual Conference 2012

  1. I’m so excited for the book! Thank you so much!!! Also, Snicket was there!?! I should have mailed you a book to get signed (unless the line was super long).

    • I didn’t know he was going to be there until day of, and yes, the line was ridiculous, and of course people brought like all of their books to be signed. Which is why I didn’t even bother. 😛 It’s always weird to see him really, because it’s totally not how I imagine Lemony Snicket to look like, lol. I’m glad you like the book (and I hope Lyra will too, eventually!),

  2. Dude! 2018? Here I thought I’d stay with you next year and go with. Psh.

    I love all the books! Gimme books! That’s so cool the artists & authors sketch little pictures for you!

  3. Man, totally jealous of your haul! So many comics…drool…

    Gene Yang actually is an artist in his own right, American Born Chinese being one of his more well known graphic novels. Lately he does do more writing than illustrating though.

    • See, I thought so, but he was acting like he didn’t have a right to draw anything. His friends overrode him though and told me he was going to draw an AWESOME PICTURE, lol. I forgot to check about ABC. Edited my post!

        • Yes, very good!

          Man, now that I see all the folks you were able to get books from, it makes me wish I started my bunny sketchbook with sending you off to get some for me, lol. You are a convention going fiend, my friend.

          • Oh man, you totally should’ve! ALA was perfect for this because it’s not very crowded at all, and graphic novels are still not heavily explored, so you could have lots of one on one time with artists.

          • I wish I had more money so I could’ve bought books from everyone at the Asian Artist table: Gene Yang, Derek Kirk Kim, Thien Pham, and Jason Shiga. Maybe I can catch them at SDCC or something. Thien Pham was hilarious. He kept telling everyone that these other books were good, but his book was THE BEST.

            • it was probably best that I didn’t realize what a comic bonanza this con was going to be or I would have sent you a lot of money that I do not have to get me things, lol.

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