4 comments on “SDCC 2012: What I Saw (Booth edition)

  1. From Image you should read Emitown (cute journal comic), Saga (space drama with war and planet jumping), Invincible (kid turned superhero), Dynamo 5 (group of superheros with shared secret), The Sword (a bit violent, but interesting mixing of modern day and ancient myth) and probably a bunch of other things. 😛 Also check out Glory for Ross Campbell’s awesome character designs.

    Kirkman is also really nice! I briefly met him at the Image Expo and even though he had to go to another singing, he went through the whole line of waiting people and signed at least one thing and made small talk.

    • I’ve been meaning to try out Emitown. I read The Sword but was kinda lukewarm about it. I do love the designs of Glory, but haven’t read it yet, I’ll move it up the list. The rest are now added! Thanks for helping me spend more money!! Wait…


      And yeah, Kirkman does seem nice, he just always has a monster line now. That’s cool that he will sign at least one thing and at least chat with people. John de Lancie did the same thing at a Trek con when he had to leave early; he walked through the whole line and signed pictures so he could meet everyone. Nice celebrities rock!

  2. The BOOBS. Wow. They bothered me. Even Power Girl’s, probably because I’m not familiar with her at all, so have not gotten accustomed to her, erm, chesty bits. But yes, good for them balancing out the breasts with the legs.

    So cool, all the Batmobiles!

    • Yeah, somebody was actually complaining that they made her thighs too big, and I was all… what? PG’s boobs are a running joke in the DC Universe. She knows she’s got them and everyone comments on them. She’s also almost 6 feet tall and 180 lbs, so she’s not a small girl. She’s fun! 🙂

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