4 comments on “NPR’s 100 Best-Ever Teen Novels aka My New Reading Project

  1. I read Lola and the Boy Next Door prior to reading Anna and the French Kiss which may have led to my dislike of that book. Since Anna’s got a side role in Lola, it was really difficult watching her go from a mature, mentor-like position to a rather stereotypically annoying teenager.

    I’ve read 28 of the 100 (not including the series that were listed where I’d read the first book but not yet continued). I saw quite a few Printz winners or at least honorees which is how I had a decent headstart given that I’m an academic librarian (technical services). The Giver is one I definitely want to get to, but first I need to finish my reading project of reading every Printz winner and honoree. That, and my plan to attempt to read all of the books I’ve bought over the years and then never opened.

    • It’s fun to have goals! I should read all of the Newbery’s one of these days…

      I didn’t realize there was crossover in Perkins’ novels. I actually didn’t mind Anna that much, but this was the first Perkins’ I’ve read. She does seem to need to work on her titles though; these are terrible.

  2. I’m so excited about your reading project! For now, I’m sticking to just reading whichever of your 10 picks I haven’t already read. Then I might work through the 100 winners. However, I’m annoyed at the non-YA books that were included, and I might not read those (although I’ve read most of them already).

    So far of your picks (that I hadn’t already read) I’ve read Whale Talk and Dairy Queen. Liked them both very much! Especially Dairy Queen, which wasn’t at all depressing. Quite the opposite.

    • Yes, I’m working off of your list, too (if you couldn’t tell), but mixing it up with others that caught my eye. My friend Ivette is also doing this, except she reserved too many books at once, and now has a pile of 6 to plow through, haha.

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