8 comments on “Anime of 2012

  1. I ended up hating Kids on the Slope by the end. I was frustrated with how little use they make of Junichi’s revolutionary background and how it got rapey more than once. The melodrama also bothered me, I didn’t expect the show to focus so much on the romance. Maybe if it were handled better and Kaoru isn’t kicking a sand castle and pitching a fit because he’s a fucking five year old I would like it more. Argh, I already bitched about this show just a few days ago and yet somehow I’m finding more anger.

    Haru lost me completely in My Little Monster. I get that he’s intentionally supposed to be out of touch with society but that scene of his empty eyes as he’s about to push Yamaken over the railing really sealed the deal for me. It stopped being about taming a wild beast and more about OMG get this fucking psycho away from her! Mitty is fine I guess but I liked Natsume a lot more. I thought Mitty was pitched as being the socially awkward character and it seemed like they doubled back on it once Natsume was introduced. I’d figured that would be what drew Haru and Mitty together romantically but that didn’t really bear out.

    I guess SAO falls somewhere inbetween OH MY GOD THIS IS THE BEST SHOW EVER and ugh this is really bad you guys. Without spoiling it, I feel like they should’ve fleshed out the first major story arc and explored the world a bit more. They just kinda jump around a lot in the beginning and there’s a shitty cg dragon and everyone is falling in love in Kirito and…okay it is kinda bad. They had a good thing going in the beginning, I felt like I was watching Fantasy MMO version of The Walking Dead. Funnily enough I don’t really like TWD much either, that probably should have tipped me off. I liked it enough to finish watching it but that’s really the best I can say about it.

    BTW you’re pretty much convinced me to watch Space Bros but I have a lot of episodes to catch up on. The winter season looks pretty sucky other than Chihayafuru but I still have enough shows carrying over (like Psycho-Pass and JoJo’s!) that with ChihayaS2 I probably still won’t get it around to it yet.

    • Hahaha, I like how you start off sort of maybe defending SAO and then giving up about half way through your paragraph.

      I agree with you on MLM. Towards the end, I became more interested in Natsume and Micchan and Yamaken. Still like it, although Haru becomes less and less sympathetic as time goes on. Hooray for side characters.

      JoJo’s may have made it on here if I had watched more, but because it wasn’t simulcast, I’m lazy about staying current and getting episodes.

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